Leibniz-Institut für Lebensmittel-Systembiologie
an der Technischen Universität München



We aim to clarify the interaction of food ingredients with cellular target molecules (i.e. receptors, ion channels).   ...more


The working group is aiming at characterising naturally occurring, odour active compounds of foods or raw materials and their changes from the raw material to the consumer ...more


Schoenknecht C, Andersen G, Schmidts I, Schieberle P (2016) Quantitation of gingerols in human plasma by newly developed stable isotope dilution assays and assessment of their immunomodulatory potential,...more


New Leibniz-Project WHEATSCAN: An interdisciplinary network of nationally and internationally leading cereal scientists, plant researchers, bioinformaticians, immunologists and gastroenterologists works together on a new project called WHEATSCAN - Unraveling the causes for wheat sensitivities. ...more