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Programmbereich IVWorking Group IV

Working Group IV. Food Composition Tables

Head: Dr. Gaby Andersen

About 50 years ago the German Ministry of Nutrition, Agriculture and Forestry asked the DFA to collect and publish representative compositional data of a broad selection of foods, and since then the Souci Fachmann Kraut food composition table has developed to the ultimate book for nutritional data. The tables are available as book as well as online version in the internet (www.sfk-online.net).

The table is being constantly updated and completed, for example by adding data for minerals or bioactive compounds. The online version is continuously updated with new constituents, whereas the book version contains the new data in each new edition. Souci Fachmann Kraut tables represent the most important source for the German nutrition database (Bundeslebensmittelschlüssel) published by the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection and are used for food labelling and nutritional expert advice in many countries. In addition to the detailed book a smaller, less detailed edition of the tables (Der kleine Souci Fachmann Kraut) for daily use by consumers is available. This edition, also continuously updated, has been getting more and more popular and distributed since it has been initially published in 1987.